Who is T. M. Fang?

Welcome to Tianyu M. Fang’s internet home. Born in the Manchurian city of Harbin, Tianyu spent his formative years in Beijing and Massachusetts. Besides being an avid reader and writer, he is constantly on the go.

Tianyu Fang in Hyde Park, London. August 2018.

A Guide to My Name

Tianyu — “TIEN-yeu.” But feel free to call me Tian — pronounced “tien.” 

My full name, when used in English and French, should appear in the Western name order only. That being said, Fang Tianyu is not a correct form of my name, except when the corresponding characters appear in Chinese scripts. 

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is via email: [email protected]. But, I’m also on Twitter, Telegram, and WeChat.

You may encrypt your message with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)—and it’s as good as it sounds! I am currently using the PGP key 2048R/8967BA14. Download my public key »