Published Articles

Below are selected samples of my articles appeared on publications.


A Farewell to Nanyuan, China’s Oldest Airport (RADII, September 2019)

The impossible politics of doing business in ‘China’ (SupChina, August 2019)

Why I go out of my way to log back into the Chinese internet (Inkstone, July 2019)

Huawei needs to be transparent and show that it is not China’s mini-me (South China Morning Post, May 2019)

Why the Chinese internet has a hate speech problem (TechNode, April 2019)

Who’s Chinese? The Farmer-Turned-Livestreaming Star Who’s Challenging China’s Ideas of Racial Identity (RADII, April 2019)

The Man Who Took China to Space (Foreign Policy, March 2019)

To earn points on China’s little red app, I downloaded a cheat tool from GitHub (SupChina, March 2019)

Chinese state media editorials, written by no one ever (SupChina, March 2019)

License to Nil: Why China’s Tourists Aren’t Able to Drive Abroad (Sixth Tone, January 2019)


Homegrown Browser Scandal Holds Lesson for China’s Innovators: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel (Caixin Global, August 2018)

We need to stop equating WeChat with the Chinese internet (TechNode, June 2018)

How Luckin Coffee is reforming China’s coffee culture (TechNode, July 2018)

China should stop exaggerating its technological advancements, says state-owned newspaper editor (SupChina, June 2018)

Taiwan ministry issues statement in Simplified Chinese, to the chagrin of mainlanders (SupChina, July 2018)

Beijing high school students promote LGBT awareness with t-shirt campaign (SupChina, May 2018)

‘Make Americans call us daddy’: Nationalist Chinese rap provokes Penn State CSSA response (SupChina, April 2018)