Writing Samples

Opinion: Homegrown Browser Scandal Holds Lesson for China’s Innovators: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel (Caixin Global, August 2018)

Feature: How Luckin Coffee is reforming China’s coffee culture (TechNode, July 2018)

News: China Should Stop Exaggerating Its Technological Advancements, Says State-Owned Newspaper Editor (SupChina, June 2018)

Opinion: We need to stop equating WeChat with the Chinese internet (TechNode, June 2018)

Subculture: Meet Rural China’s Viral Online Celebrities (SupChina, June 2018)

Feature: Beijing High School Students Promote LGBT Awareness With T-Shirt Campaign (SupChina, May 2018)

Feature: ‘Make Americans Call Us Daddy’: Nationalist Chinese Rap Provokes Penn State CSSA Response (SupChina, April 2018)

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